Enrique Molina



Wife:  Henriette Goeller

Children:  Nancy, Maria Elfriede, Elizabeth, and Carmen

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    Enrique Molina was born in 1884.  He graduated from the Universidad de San Marcos in 1906 with a major in Natural Sciences.  He wrote his thesis based on an expedition that he organized into the Amazon Jungle in Peru to study the extraction of latex from the rubber tree.

    In 1907 he attended a Masters Program at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and majored in chemistry.  Upon graduation, he lived for a few years in New York and Washington, D.C.  While in the USA, he invented an apparatus for treating rubber and had it patented in Washington, D.C. on March 2, 1919.  His apparatus was especially adapted for use in the treatment of the juice or sap of the rubber tree, to coagulate or solidify the same as a first step in the formation of rubber.

    Enrique Molina's continued travels led him to Europe, where he obtained a Ph.D. degree in chemistry at the University of Vienna .  He lived in Vienna for a few years, and during this time he met and married Henriette.   They returned to Peru many years later and settled at the Molina Ranch in Puno.  He was elected Mayor of Puno and was very much involved in politics.   He had four daughters - Maria Elfriede, Nancy, Elizabeth and Sigrid Carmen.  Enrique Molina died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 62.