La Familia Molina


Pedro Molina Giraldo               Cesarea Torres Rojas


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Children (5)


Facundo       Wenceslao       Felipe          Leonor           Clorinda

Grandchildren (11)

Enrique, Angelica, Elena, Maria, Ernesto, and Isaura (Facundo’s children), Wenceslao and Maria (Wenceslao’s children), and Leonor, Juan, and Rosa (Clorinda’s children).

Great Grandchildren (20+)

Elfriede, Nancy, Elizabeth, and Carmen (Enrique’s children), John, Costa, and Gloria (Angelica’s children), Lucrecia and Jorge (Ernesto’s children), Oscar, Luis Fernando, Leonor, and Carlos (Leonor’s children), Juan Alonso and Alvaro (Juan’s children), Rosa Maria, Carmen Julia, Alicia, and Ines (Rosa’s children).

Great (x2) Grandchildren (33+)

Thomas, Giorgio, Karin, Sybille, and Fabian (Elfriede’s children), Ana Cecilia, Belinda, and Juan Antonio (Nancy’s children), Lindsay, Martin, and Christina (Elizabeth’s children),  David, Richard, Mark, and Andrew (Carmen’s children), Patricia, Fernando Alexander, Eric, and Silvia (Luis Fernando’s children),  Javier, Monica, and Jose Carlos (Leonor’s children), Camilo (Carlos’ child), Daniela, Alonso, and Vasco (Juan Alonso’s children) Karina and Pamela (Rosa Maria’s children), Giovanna, Camila, and Juan Jose (Carmen Julia’s children), Annelise and Felix Bernard (Alicia’s children).

 Great (x3) Grandchildren (26+)

Andrea and Sofia (Giorgio's children), Daniela and Natalia (Karin's children), Sebastian (Fabian's child), Mauricio and Sebastian (Belinda's children), Alexander (Lindsay's child), Kathryn, Reid, and Campbell (David's children), Katelyn (Richard's child), Ethan and Trevor (Mark's children), Katerina (Patricia's child), Lindsi Lorraine, Alexandra, Blake, and Savannah (Fernando Alexander's children), Sophia and Luca (Silvia's children), Analisa and Diego (Eric's children),  Jorge Ignacio and Katerina (Monica's children), Sebastian (Javier's child), Valentina and Paloma (Karina's children)


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